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A big first step -- Well begun is half done.

The message Barack Obama had sent to all active supporter Tue, 17 Feb 2009 - democracy is coming back, a president like we want it:
Obama Reads 10 Letters Per Day from the Public See the original image at — (now 2561 Diggs)

See the original image at — Where is Your Money Going? | (693 Diggs)

And this is my answer to racist ny post cartoon - please, digg it See the original image at changeforbetterworld.blogspot.… —:
(I think since months already that time of a lot of grassroots movement is more worth like time of smaller number of racists and neocons - so my answer is to arm in organizing should be best answer. A day has always 24h, only money can be used for speculating. Yes we can!)

New Yorkers to Boycott NY Post over "Racist" Cartoon See the original image at — (758 Diggs)
Next racist picture, always the fake it was only joke:
CA Mayor Sends Email with Watermelons On White House LawnSee the original image at — (190 Diggs)
From comment inside

Fox News "war games" the coming civil war See the original image at — (2122 Diggs)
You can find a lot comments there like: "Republicans are hypocritical lieing bigots." "They're dreadfully outnumbered, but most of those people are Brahman cows." "Can't FOX find a better political commentator?" ...

And this is now something well again - i got message from Cathy Zoi,
The We Campaign (
You spoke and Washington listened. With President Obama's signature on economic recovery legislation yesterday, America made the largest investment in clean energy and green jobs in our history.
Now we need to build on this momentum. I've recorded a special message to say thank you, and share our strategy going forward.

What's about Reps were voting against
stimulus bill? - " Former Governor Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC today sent $1,000 checks ...."
(56 Diggs)
Mitt Romney sends checks to GOP Reps who voted "NO" on stimulus bill

And this now something about actual situation, about how important to invest into future of country, there was not any time for doing nothing. I had to find comments like this not seldom - 'Um .. got message loosed my job':
(1375 Diggs)Nearly 75 percent of ex-Bush officials are UNEMPLOYEDSee the original image at —
(558 Diggs) AmEx paying card holders to close their accountsSee the original image at —
(83 Diggs) The Credit Card Debt Crisis: The Next Economic Domino

But it seems that some Reps would like watch ship is going down:
(1735 Diggs) Are Republicans Sabotaging The Stimulus?See the original image at —

But then they are well if more money is coming into own pockets! (474 Diggs):
Reid: Congressional Budget Increased For GOP WelfareSee the original image at —
And here a comment from
To add a little activism to your day --
send an email to McConnell and Reid! Here's their Senate email contact info...
Jobless Angry at GOP Governors for Playing Politics See the original image at — ( 45 Diggs) — “It just seems unreasonable, ” Mr. Kight said, “that when people probably need the help the most, that because of partisan activity, or partisan feelings, against the current new administration, that Perry is willing to sacrifice the lives of so many Texans that have been out of work in the last year.”

And here a comment about this Perry from Texas and how Reps working in Texas:

Rick Perry is a moron, plain and simple, unfortunately there are a lot of other republican morons down here in Texas who keep voting for the liar and thief. His chief of staff resigns to go to work for a big pharma company and they give Perry $10,000 for his campaign that is 4 years away. Perry then mandates that every single girl in Texas must get immunized with a controversial vaccine, which just happens to be made by that big pharma company.
H also tries to ramrod dozens of new coal plants to be built in Texas, bypassing all of the regulatory processes, fortunately all of the mayors of all the towns ganged up on his dumb ass because we are already at the upper limits of air pollution already.
He has other crimes to, I just don't have time to mention them all.

(84 Diggs) Nationalization: It's Not Scary, It's All Around YouSee the original image at —
Nationalization is only a scary word in US because of delusion in US about deregulation and privatisation since putsch of Pinochet and test of neoliberalism about this topics. But some things must be in country hand or will work on basis of special interests and this can be a lot different. Yes we can!

Obama: Tough Times Ahead So We Need Bold Action (Feb. 24)

Read the transcript of President Obama's address.

And this is the point why i cannot understand these greedy Reps are playing still the old game. Like a lot people in MYBO wrote we must stand together and not trying to get ship going down like Reps. The answer can only be to do all possible like Obama is trying or it could come like Ferguson had told:
(104 Diggs) The Great Recession:" There will be blood ".

Yes we can! I new time is beginning!:

Budget:A New Era of Responsibility? (76 Diggs)
Some comments from inside
This is incredible. This is not a gimmick. This is our government treating us like thinking participants of this country. It is an indication (and I hope the beginning of a permanent trend) of respect from our government toward its citizens. After 8 years of being treated like mushrooms (i.e. kept in the dark and fed nothing but shit) we are finally able to see facts and debate them as adults.

Well, and here something of the future of a full electric system without any need for oil and so any need for wars of oil too:
(Full electric system is meaning electric power is coming from power plants of new energies and isn't be changed into chemical compounds first to save the energy because in too many steps between you mostly would not get so well efficiency.)

SSC Ultimate Aero EV: The Fastest Electric Production Car See the original image at —
The car is supposed to have the fastest electric charge time too: 10 minutes! Their Nanotechnology Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery pack is said to take only 10 minutes for a full recharge on a standard 110 volt outlet and will grant the driver a total of 200 miles on a single quick charge.

Stimulus Big Winner: Battery Manufacturing

Ford Battery Electric Vehicle
While it's not clear that battery costs will come down enough to create a large market for plug-in hybrids, the advances in battery technology in the United States have put the country in a position to develop a new battery industry, says Ted Miller, the senior manager for energy storage strategy and research at Ford Motor Company and a manager at a research consortium set up by the Big Three automakers. "Our weakness is not in research," he says. "Now we need to find a way to kick-start manufacturing."

And well things going on:
The End of the War of Images on the American Public (56 Diggs)
The Defense Department has reversed the Bush administration's ban on photographs of returning coffins of US military personnel killed in war abroad. ...

Press Incredulous Obama Budget Reflects Campaign Promises! See the original image at — (700 Diggs)
...In a remarkable scene, Gibbs patiently and repeatedly explained that, no really, Obama actually won the election, that he'd explained exactly what he was going to do during the campaign, the American people understood and voted on it, and now he's doing it. ...
One comment:
... "As one reporter observed after the briefing, "Did you notice all the questions about taxes came from reporters making over $250,000 a year, especially the TV guys?""

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