Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2009

Inauguration Day 2009 - This is the day where the change will begin!

"January 20, 2009 is the day we’ve all been waiting for! This is the day where the change will begin!" - I could find written in Internet, but i think the change was already beginning with the big and strong movement for change! Now the change must be continued. Yes this is correct: " The grassroots movement you helped build was always about more than an election. It's about bringing much needed change to Washington and our communities." ( David Plouffe )

Maybe people from Europe could not imagine what a big step for US:
Anne Nixon Cooper 106 years old Atlan interview Barack Obama

How the right wing were coming out to fight against progress - It's a great parody.:
Rush Limbaugh on Barack Obama (Live Call - Never Before Seen Footage) ()

comment in YouTube: Nice! This is an instant classic. Can you do more of this?? Limbaugh is not the only target out there!!

The Future of the Grassroots Movement

A comment in YouTube: "Hurray for Barack Obama! In just 3 days he has signed a batch of orders that are righting so many of the wrongs of the past 8 years! That in itself is worth every dollar that I contributed to help get him elected."

February 17, 2009

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