Mittwoch, 5. November 2008

The change - Obama Acceptance Speech - Change is coming to America

Barack Obama: "We Have a Lot of Work to Do" (Added: )

Crowd Reaction In Grant Park HQ 11/04 - Before Barack Obama Victory Speech November 4th

Times Square @ the time Obama is projected by CNN to win

Obama WIN !

Obama Acceptance Speech HQ 11/04 - Barack Obama Victory Speech November 4th 2008

(Part 1) 11/04 - Barack Obama Victory Speech November 4th 2008

(Part 2) 11/04 - Barack Obama Victory Speech November 4th 2008

Obama Acceptance Speech HQ (Part 3) 11/04 - Victory Speech


Yes We Can! New Music Video Barack Obama Wins Victory Celebration- President Obama Song- Landslide!

Obama historic moment (added November 28, 2008)

[But of course - it's just beginning with the change, there's a lot of work to do. Please stay in touch, however we do that, through these Obama network groups or some other way. I hope this election will hit the neocons enough because we need well leading again and so stopping of wars (most of wars must not be!) and so can use money for important issues in controlling things must be controlled. - YES WE CAN!]

Obama Announces Economic Team [Nov 24, 2008]

Inside the Transition: Melody Barnes

Melody Barnes - CSPAN Q&A

Barack Obama Thanksgiving Message Weekly Address from ...

Obama helps out at Thanksgiving food bank

Deteriorating Economy Adds to Urgency for Obama (NOVEMBER 28, 2008)

President-elect Barack Obama, in unveiling his economic team this week, pledged to "hit the ground running" upon his Jan. 20 inauguration, adding that "the economic crisis we face demands that we invest immediately" to create jobs and cut middle-class taxes.

Steven Chu Obama! (December 10th, 2008)

Steven Chu is Obama’s Energy Secretary! Obama will choose Steven Chu, says widespread reports, to head energy. Steven Chu is Nobel Prize-winning physicist.
Steven Chu proposes an aggressive research program to transform the existing and future energy systems of the world away from technologies that emit greenhouse gases”