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Let's fight for new, green energies and not for oil!

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Don't fall into trap of oil lobby! Energy and jobs at home - no war!

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"This is the time to finish what you started!" "This is no time to dream."

Global solutions for global problems: What are reasons for all the stupid wars? By finding ways to prevent these wars we can save huge numbers of lives, huge amounts of money and huge amounts of damage to the natural world ...

But maybe it is not so difficult to understand what we have to do. Remember the Eisenhower exit speech. Look what was going on in Georgia, all for hegemony and oil. - And unbelievable, Paul Craig Roberts: Mindlessness is total; or McCain: Military Draft - 'I Dont't Disagree'.

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Look to F. William Engdahl to get some background about last risks for war with Russia, war in "Strategical ellipse" again:

Top Geopolitical Author: U.S. Risks Nuclear War With Russia — Political economist and best-selling geopolitical author F. William Engdahl wrote for example:

«There are more than 1,000 US military special forces in Georgia doing exercising, training Georgian troops, before Georgia launched the attack on Ossetia on 8 August. There are 1,000 Israeli troops at least, private security firms and military advisors, including advisors who are upgrading the Georgian air force in an installation near Tbilisi. ...


  • If Bush and Cheney have a finger in the pie you can know already it will go wrong and money of US taxpayer will just runs through their fingers (Is McCain the same?). - Georgia has a lot problems and to pump weapons in such place will not help the people, hearings and parleys can only help. Now lets look what is still going on there:
Russia recognizes Georgia rebel regions, > news > newsticker > (translated from German): With joy shouting, slamming sparkling wine corks and shots into air the population in the capital Suchumi (Abkhazia) celebrated the decision of Russia. Humans ran on the roads, after Medwedew had announced the signing of an appropriate decree.

  • In my opinion the Democrats are on the good way. Help for the people - Obama big hope for the world:
"DEMOCRATS ENDORSE EXPANSION OF U.N. POWER" "It is time to make the U.N. Millennium Development Goals, which aim to cut extreme poverty in half by 2015, It leaves out the estimated cost?$845 billion over 13 years."

BOB BARR (former Republican congressman from Georgia, Libertarian Party), is right in this topic too: "The war between Russia and Georgia is a tragedy on its own terms. But it also has broad implications for U.S. foreign policy. Both President Bush and Sen. John McCain have demonstrated their shared predisposition to involve America's armed services in foreign conflicts....."

"The melodies of McLOVIN"

I Spent Years as a POW with John McCain, and His Finger Should Not Be Near the Red Button
By Phillip Butler, Posted August 21, 2008.

Johann Hari: John McCain and his secretive plot to 'kill the UN' Thursday, 21 August 2008

Does John McCain have a "hidden agenda" to "kill the UN"? This story begins with a Republican presidential candidate who, despite the hype, doesn't seem to know much about foreign affairs. McCain recently talked at length about problems on the "Iraq/Pakistan border" – the countries are a thousand miles apart. Asked how to deal with Darfur, he mused about "bringing pressure on the government of Somalia". Uh – it's Sudan, Senator McCain. But McCain does know one thing: he doesn't like the United Nations. He championed George Bush's appointment ... Some 72 per cent of Americans want the UN ... So McCain has decided to build up an innocuous-sounding alternative ....

Paul Craig Roberts, "Father of Reaganomics", wrote in New Print Edition of CounterPunch August 19, 2008:

The Mindlessness is Total - Are You Ready for Nuclear War?

Pervez Musharraf, the puppet installed by the US to rule Pakistan in the interest of US hegemony, resigned August 18 to avoid impeachment. Karl Rove and the Diebold electronic voting machines were unable to control the result of the last election in Pakistan, the result of which gave Pakistanis a bigger voice in their government than America’s. ... ... ...

When the Bush Regime began its wars in the Middle East, I predicted, correctly, that Musharraf would be one victim. The American puppets in Egypt and Jordan may be the next to go. ... ... ...


Taleban winning war, says Zardari

Mr Zardari's strong remarks came shortly after the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) put his name forward as its presidential nominee. ... and Mr Zardari says he is confident he has the numbers he needs to win on 6 September.


Nuclear Chicken in Poland: Putin Can’t Afford to Back Down

August 24, 2008 If the Bush administration proceeds with its plan to deploy its Missile Defense System in Poland, Russian Prime Minister Putin will be forced to remove it militarily. He has no other option. The proposed system integrates the entire US nuclear arsenal into one operational-unit a mere 115 miles from the Russian border. It’s no different than Khrushchev’s plan to deploy nuclear missiles in Cuba in the 1960s.
Bush’s plan: “Once the missile defense system is put in place it will work automatically

Behind the Headlines by Justin Raimondo (September 3, 2008) - September Surprise Get ready for it...
While the rest of the pundits opine about the meaning and implications of Sarah Palin's ascension from small town mayor to prospective vice president – .... the War Party will pull a rabbit out of the proverbial hat. ... Their intelligence service reportedly has pulled out of a covert operation inside Iran on the grounds that a U.S. strike is right around the corner – ...
Stop the oil-military industrial complex scheme of war for profit. Vote for president want and can use politic instead of militarism! Vote for Obama!

Nuclear confrontation, September 2008

The risk factors of a nuclear disaster grow in numbers every day over Georgian crisis and our latest and the biggest fear is a Russian /American confrontation with their massive arsenal of weapons of mass destruction!!! US sent Naval forces 2 days ago close to a Russian base in Sevastopol! Such “Cuban missile crisis” similar actions in Crimea can lead to the end of all humankind!

General Strike called for 9/11-15th 2008 brightlight4

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Look to, there are comments already. "The only way to stop those who would bleed our nation dry,.."


Eisenhower exit speech on Jan.17,1961. The tragedy of 9/11 gave Bush and the neo-cons the opportunity to implement a policy serving the oil-military industrial complex scheme of war for profit. McCain would have a more hackish policy than Bush. Eisenhower was a hero:

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.

What's now with the values of the Republics today? Is there something to trust? Robert DeKoven, professor at California Western School of Law, wrote conc. McCain: "A bigamist for president? - The big deal is that there are men and women who have made the same mistake John McCain did and are convicted felons because of it. McCain’s behavior is also a reminder that the Republican Party, despite its supposed family values, really has no values: Sen. David Vitter sits in the Senate, despite his admission that he visited prostitutes (adultery), and Sen. Larry Craig stands convicted of a sex offense that would in every state disbar licensed professionals, such as teachers and realtors."

Why McCain can only be the same or more wrong: "McCain On Reinstituting A Military Draft: ‘I Don’t Disagree’" "... Considering McCain’s vow that “there’s gonna be other warsand that we could stay in Iraq for 100 years, a draft might seem reasonable to him."

Asked about the draft last September, McCain said, “I might consider it, I don’t think it’s necessary, but I might consider it if you could design a draft where everybody equally could serve.”

Stop it, stand up and are ready to go! Yes we can!

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And always questions again conc. terrorists - "Who did it?" - We must know, not only fight around in world like in a black box!

Stop this all - "Mindlessness Total", "stay in Iraq for 100 years", "no values", "Military Draft", "oil-military industrial complex scheme of war for profit" ....

Obama president, triumph over Bush & McSame
- yes we can believe in - "This is the time to finish what you started!" "This is no time to dream." - Yes we can!

Saturday, August 23, 2008
Politics: Obama Inspires - Dave Stewart to offer up this prayer:

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Kennedy Speaks At DNC Opening - to change America, to restore its future

"Thank you, thank you," he said, laughing. "My fellow Democrats, my fellow Americans, it so wonderful to be here. And nothing -- nothing -- is going to keep me away from this special gathering tonight."
"I have come here tonight to stand with you to change America, to restore its future, to rise to its best ideals, and to elect Barack Obama president of the United States."
"I pledge to you I will be there on the floor of the United States Senate next January," he said, as delegates chanted, "Teddy, Teddy."
"And so with Barack Obama -- for you and for me, for our country and for our cause – the work begins anew, the hope rises again, and the dream lives on."


Barack Obama at the 2008 DNC (VIDEO)