Dienstag, 2. September 2008

The Melodies of McLOVIN - what's the best?

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Yes, Bush-administration and "the same" is leading a country too, but not well, only leading to use more weapons and to occupying places in the world because of oil and so leading to waste more money. Stop this; save money, lives and nature - bring jobs back, restore the future! Yes we must fight, but for new energies and our future, to get Obama elected!

You might join MYBO groups "YES Green Energies | No stupid wars" and "Carbon neutral home - people's own little power plants - Carbon Neutral Village".

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You want to be creative and want be part of this contest? Very well! Tell the other your link in a comment here and i will insert your link into table with small picture to click to your site. Topic must be Bush and McCain hugging and in addition background with bad politic (wrong way) Bush and McCain standing for both.

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The Melodies Of McLOVIN - Iraq

Th Melodies Of McLOVIN

- Iraq, oil and crying woman

The Melodies Of McLOVIN - Dying For Oil

The Melodies Of McLOVIN - Dying For Oil And Veteran

The Melodies Of McLOVIN - " The Burning City "

Still free - who is joining the contest?

Only some example - who knows how many!?

Gulf War Vet Dies of service related leukemia

Matthew Bumpus just died for a Government that abandoned him

Iraq War's Fallen Soldiers Remembered With 4,116-Mile Run