Freitag, 18. Juli 2008

New gold rush!

This post is addresed to campaign of change to get Obama elected. It is known that the new energies are basic for high profit can be made, similar like oil, but all at home and without these bad effects for nature oil had at last.
Now why gold rush? Think about: everybody is living in a place with enough sunshine and / or wind can use it. Sun and wind is something is for all like we all live on this earth. If you can get or have some money and can get to your house a small power plants for sun energy or / and energy from wind and if government changes the law in a way you can be sure you can put the energy into power grid you don't need yourself so you have basic for your own little investment, then you can make money all your live and your kids can it still do. You are in a similar position like Bush family now with their oil, maybe your level is smaller but you are doing a better job for our earth in addition.

So we need a plan for all to make money and to get new voter want use this «New gold rush» for their own future and future of their own family – let's begin, the change had begun already this campaign was starting! The campaign has already a plan – now check if this is well enough for everbody!
Here the link to blog inside Obama network because there are always some comments too:
The next blogs should come here about more details and so I am happy about each comment.
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Dr. Steffen Seidel
(EU - German mother tongue)